How We Work

A few of our clients who have a suitable site either for grid connected or off grid systems would like to have their hydro project delivered and commissioned by Westflight including all of the design work, construction, planning and environmental approvals necessary to ensure a successful outcome.

At the other end of the scale the majority of our clients are passionate about doing all of the work themselves in which case we can supply the PowerSpout turbine, inverter, charge controllers, battery bank as required as well as being a sounding board for their concept.

Using the natural resource of water in your stream to generate your own electricity stirs up powerful emotions in many of us. As a result, some of our clients are perfectly capable of talking about their ideas all day and possibly into the night as well. So that we don't lose too much sleep we try to follow a simple and time efficient process to quickly determine the viability of your proposal and how you might take it forward.

spring-water-1.jpg Outfall 2
  1. We ask you to read our Frequently Asked Questions to see if any of your queries can be answered before you contact us. You can also visit the PowerSpout website at where you will find a great deal of information on hydro schemes and the PowerSpout range of turbines.
  2. We can briefly discuss your ideas with you either by email or telephone and based on the information you provide we may be able to provisionally indicate whether your site might be suitable, or not.
  3. We will ask you to fill in our site questionnaire as fully as you can from which we can do a "desktop" Initial Viability Study using both the information you have provided and the mapping and other software we have available. The results from this study will indicate if your proposal could be viable or not. We can email the questionnaire to you, send it by post or you can download it here.
  4. If the Initial Viability Study indicates that your proposal has potential, and you wish to take it further a detailed site survey will generally be required to confirm all aspects of the proposal and detail the basic design. The cost of the site survey will depend on your location and the site complexity. We will quote for this in advance and request your authority to proceed.
  5. Once the basic design has been established you can make an initial application to the Environment Agency or Natural Resources Wales for the required consents to impound / abstract water for the scheme. This can be a complex and rather tedious process and may require additional environmental studies to support you application. To subsequently receive the Feed In Tariff requires you to apply for the accreditation of your scheme directly through OFGEM which can also be a complex process. It may be worth noting that the procedure for consenting small "Pico" hydro power systems is currently under review by the regulators and may be subject to change in the coming months.
  6. Following the receipt of consents your project can be installed which may, or may not include the installation of leats, flumes, barriers and associated pipe work. If your system is grid connected then a qualified electrician is required to safely connect the system to your existing electrical system to comply with all electrical safety regulations. If your system is off grid then again a qualified electrician is required to connect your charge controller and battery bank to the existing electrical system.

You can download the Initial Viability Questionnaire HERE

What Will It Cost

With our long experience in electrical and mechanical engineering Westflight is well equipped and resourced to understand and provide the support necessary for you to achieve the required result.

The work detailed in paragraphs 1 – 3 above is generally not chargeable.

Before undertaking any of the advisory / design work described in paragraphs 4 – 6 above we will issue you with a detailed quotation describing what we will do and what it will cost.

As soon as the project design is confirmed we will issue you with a detailed quotation for the supply of the equipment, installation and commissioning of your project as required.

Whether we do it or you do it or we share the work, our mission is to get your PowerSpout turbine installed and humming sweetly with the minimum of fuss and hassle and additionally generating both the cost savings and real income you hoped for when you stood staring at the beautiful moving water in the beginning.