Royal Welsh - Post Show Debrief

Friday, July 28, 2017

As in previous years we were located within the Energy Now Renewables Area. This year our popular PowerSpout hydro electric demonstration rig was joined by a new Mini Low Head turbine simulation as a standalone exhibit. We always receive a lot of enquiries but this year there was far more interest from well informed and quite serious people who had already evaluated their potential sites and were keen to progress.

Our presentation talk on the Tuesday morning was sold out with empty seats and followed by a long question and answer session. We are in no doubt that the genuine interest in small scale hydro-electric power generation is growing and that the reputation of PowerSpout turbines for reliability and ease of installation is becoming well known.

In addition to the large number of enquiries for Hydro, we had a steady stream of interest in farm size solar PV especially on poultry units and dairies. Many farmers are now realising that if their business has a large electricity demand their costs can be substantially reduced using solar PV even without the benefit of the Feed in Tariff subsidy. By Thursday night we had 6 solar PV surveys booked.