What We Do

DSCN1492.JPG 3ph Meter

Our Data Logging Equipment is non-intrusive. That means we don't need to disconnect any cables or turn off your supply to connect the Logger. We just need to gain access to your distribution board "tails" usually in a piece of trunking and then clip the Rogowski coils around each phase and we can start recording. This is done "live" with no disruption to your activities at all.

We will put up a Warning Sign to advise that data logging is in progress and then return some days later to remove the logger. Using our desktop software we will analyse the data we have collected and produce a clear and concise report on our findings with recommendations on the measures you can take to reduce costs. Depending on your location and the complexity of your system this generally costs between £150 and £200 plus VAT.

If modifications are required to your electricity distribution board then we can either detail the works for your own electrician or provide a quotation for our electrician to undertake the modifications.

We strongly recommend that you keep a record of your purchased electricity for the period both before and following any changes to better evaluate the results.