Westflight Energy

Westflight Ltd is an established family owned company which has its roots in agriculture, mechanical and electrical engineering.

Our extensive experience covers small scale hydro-power, farm sized solar PV from 10kW to 1MW and integrated renewable energy generation solutions for off-grid properties.

Energy demand logging and analysis, satelite broadband data and voice provision and the operation and maintenance of solar PV and off grid systems are also in the portfolio of services we offer.

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Small Scale Hydro Power

If you believe that you have a water resource like a stream, small river or old mill workings which would be sufficient to provide electricity generation for your home or business then a PowerSpout turbine could be right for you.

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Solar PV

If you use a lot of electricity in your business then you will be conscious of rising energy bills impacting on your profitability. Even without the Feed In Tariff subsidy, solar PV can pay for itself in just a few years in locations where most of the electricity generated is used on site.

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Off Grid Installations

Substantial developments in the technology currently available enable us to integrate different renewable technologies to provide reliable energy and communication solutions for off-grid properties and farms. Using satellite broadband connections we can provide a low cost VoIP based telephone system as well as conventional internet connections for email and other services.

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Energy Demand Analysis

To get the best financial return from your solar PV means maximising your on-site consumption of the electricity you generate. Most solar PV systems over 10kW generate at 3 phase whilst the on site loads are often single phase. Using our data logging equipment we can compare your 24/7 electricity demand profile against your generation and recommend how you can increase on-site consumption and reduce electricity purchase costs.

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Operation and Maintenance

Many factors can result in your solar PV system failing to generate its optimum output and very often without you noticing. Regular checks and maintenance where required will ensure that your system continues to perform as intended year after year.

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