Accelerated Loss Of Mains Change Programme

Friday, January 3, 2020

The Electricity Networks Association and National Grid have now launched the ALoMCP which necesstates ensuring that all of the solar PVĀ  sites we have installed over the years which were built with G59 protection systems have to be upgraded to the new standard.

Most of our sites use CoMap MainsPro relays to provide the grid monitoring and protection function. To comply with the new protection requirements these units need a firmware version of 1.6 and software 1.2. If your unit is not to this level then the MainsPro relay will need to be changed.

In conjunction with the DNO's, there is a compensation programme so the cost of changing your MainsPro will not fall to you provided it is completed within the published timescales.

Westflight is currently contacting all of our clients to check the status of their systems and arranging for the necessary changes where required. We are also attending to a number of other sites which were not built by us but where the original installer has "disappeared" or shows no interest in assisting their former client in complying with this regulatory requirement. This includes a 17kW hydro site in Mid Wales.

If you have any queries concerning the ALoMCP then give us a call and we will try to assist.