Our Services


With many years of experience in both renewable energy and solar PV we pride ourselves on offering a fully comprehensive service to our customers irrespective of their project type, size, or its development stage.

If your Solar PV system is still at the idea only stage we can offer straight forward impartial information and advice on what you could realise, at what cost, and the likely return on your investment.

From an initial enquiry we will make a detailed site survey to include, where applicable, the structural integrity of roofs or other support structures and your existing electrical supply system. We will also look in detail at how you are using electricity in your business at the moment which will enable us to forecast how much of the energy you generates will be used on site with a corresponding reduction in your energy purchase costs.

Within a few days we then provide you with one or more detailed proposals describing what we believe are the most suitable and cost effective options. Where your existing electricity supply is likely to be inadequate for your project we can make application to the DNO on your behalf to obtain the cost of upgrade or other works required.

Depending on the nature, size and complexity of the project we can then, if required, negotiate with Local Planning Authorities and others to ensure that all necessary permissions and authorisations are obtained in advance of your installation.

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Prior to, and during the build phase we will manage the complete project, always keeping you fully informed on our activities and timescales. Where applicable we will time certain stages of the build to fit in with your requirements and not cause disruption to your normal routines. We will commission the project together with G99 Witness testing if required prior to your "go live". Where we have installed remote monitoring facilities we will continue to monitor the plant performance for the following 12 months on a 24/7 basis and deal with any issues arising as quickly as possible.

If your project is under 50kW we will issue the MCS Certification. Where your project  is over 50kW we will assist you with your application to OFGEM for accreditation if required. Where applicable we can advise and assist on procuring a Power Purchase Agreement to sell your exported power to the highest bidder as well as claiming REGO's from OFGEM on your generation.

We will be on hand for 12 months following commissioning to take care of any issues arising with your system. Following that period we can provide a support contract for your system which is tailored to your needs which can be as simple as continued monitoring or a full Operation and Maintenance contract where we take care of the plant for you.