Gamic Trailers Install Solar PV System To Offset Rising Electricity Costs

Gamic Trailers are renowned for the quality of their livestock trailers, canopies and vehicle bodies. With almost continuous aluminium shearing, folding and welding going on they use a lot of electricity so they decided to install a solar PV system to substantially reduce their imported electricity costs.

Westflight looked at their historical and forecast electricity use and proposed a 36kW roof mounted solar PV system. Westflight then made the required G99 connection application to Western Power Distribution and a few weeks after receiving WPD approval installed and commissioned the system using Longi 375Wp solar modules and a Solis inverter.

With the majority of electricity consumption in the workshops being during daylight hours we can expect that the new solar PV system will offset at least 65% of the annual electricity cost.

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