60kW Solar PV System Will Reduce Electricity Costs By More Than 50%

Hafren Furnishers, has been trading for over 50 years and remain one of the leading independent retailers in the UK furniture industry. Their vast showroom at Llanidloes is the largest furniture store in Wales and includes an in-store Café offering a wide range of food and drink to keep you refreshed whilst you browse their enormous range of furnishings.

Although many energy efficiency measures are already in place the showroom uses a considerable amount of electricity, most of which supports lighting throughout the extensive premises which are open 6 days a week..

Westflight used a Data Logger on the incoming 3 phase tails to record the electricity consumption and demand profile over a typical 7 day period. This data was then imported into our modelling software to propose a Solar PV system size which would provide the optimum saving in purchased electricity over a 12 month period.

The modelling exercise suggested a 60kW roof mounted solar PV system forecast to realise over 70% self-consumption and over 50% self-sufficiency. The system uses 160 REC solar modules feeding two Solis 5G inverters and a Solis Logger providing 24/7 remote performance and fault monitoring through the Solis Cloud platform.

The roof for the PV array was some 10 metres above ground level so on this site we used a crane to lift the pallets of panels up to the scaffolding platform. Our team of 4 completed the job in just 5 days and the roof install was recorded on a time elapsed video. Click HERE to see how we do the job with just one on the roof to start with, then two, and then four to finish.