100kW Solar PV Generates On The Roof


This client operates two large chicken production units in North Wales. They had previously installed a 10kW solar PV array using three blocks of modules at one end of the first shed. With the erection of a second shed and a doubling of their output they required additional solar PV generation to meet the electricity demand both within the sheds and from a water source heat pump which was used to provide the heat needed especially in the early part of the 5 week production cycle.

To enable an additional 100kW of solar to be installed Westflight first removed the existing 10kW unit and re-installed it in a more compact layout. This left sufficient room to mount a further 400 modules over the remaining roof space. The four SMA inverters are mounted under the shed ventilation parapet to provide basic weather protection. As there was no space available within the shed the G59 relay and switchgear is located in a fibreglass cabin close to the inverters.

Westflight negotiated the DNO connection agreement, metering changes, OFGEM Pre-Accreditation and the Certificate of Lawful Development from the Planning Authority which is required by OFGEM as part of the accreditation process. Although the shed was full of chickens Westflight very quietly completed the installation in 8 days followed by a successful G59 witness test with the SPEN engineer.

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